Avoid or dislike getting hands messy?

    Become upset when face is washed?

    Become upset when having hair combed or fingernails cut?

    Prefer long sleeved clothing or jackets, even when it is hot?

    Avoid going barefoot, especially in sand or grass?

    Become irritated by tags in clothing?

    Seem to crave being held or cuddled?

    Express discomfort when touched in a friendly way by others?

    Seem overly-sensitive to pain, and be bothered by small cuts?

    Mouth objects or clothes often?

    Have difficulty judging how much strength to use, e.g. petting animals with too much force?


    Become anxious or distressed when feet leave the ground?

    Avoid climbing or jumping?

    Seem fearful of falling or heights?

    Dislike riding in a car?

    Dislike activities where head is upside down (as with hair washing) or when lifted overhead? (as in somersaults)?

    Love to be tipped upside down or lifted overhead?

    Seek out all kinds of movement activities?

    Jump often and for long time on beds or other bouncy surfaces?

    Like to spin herself/himself?

    Rock his/her body or head?

    Bang head on purpose?

    Throw him/ herself against floor, wall, or other people for fun?


    Become easily distracted by visual stimulation?

    Express discomfort at bright lights?

    Avoid or have difficulty with direct eye contact?

    Have a hard time picking out a single object from many, such as finding a specific toy in a toy box?


    Become distracted or have a problem when surrounded by a lot of noise?

    Respond negatively to unexpected or loud noises?

    Like to make loud noises?

    Taste & Smell

    Explore objects by smelling them?

    Seem bothered by smells that most other people do not notice?

    Chew or lick non-food items?

    Activity Level

    Tend to be especially active and always on the go?

    Tend to fidget excessively in a chair when eating or working?

    Tend to lack carefulness and to be impulsive?

    Seem aggressive in play?


    Need assistance to feed himself/herself?

    Tend to eat in a sloppy manner?

    Frequently spill liquids?


    Have trouble chewing?

    Have trouble swallowing?

    Have difficulty or dislike eating foods with lumps, such as chunky soups?

    Stuff or put too much food in his/her mouth at once?


    Frequently lose things, such as toys or shoes/coat?

    Get lost easily?

    Have difficulty tolerating changes in plans or expectations?

    Have difficulty changing from one activity to another?

    Need extra assistance to get started with a task or activity?

    Become easily distracted while working or playing?


    Have irregular sleep patterns?

    Wake frequently during the night?

    Have a difficult time falling asleep?

    Require less sleep than other children?

    Have a set routine before bedtime?


    Tend to be uncooperative or stubborn?

    Have temper tantrums or outbursts of anger?

    Seem to need more protection from life than other children?