Sleep Well Toddler!

( 13 to 36 Months )

You’re staying awake at night again as you have no choice…

You’re trying to put your little one to sleep but once you finally manage that, he is awake just a few minutes later. So, you keep trying and keep trying…

The same thing happened yesterday. The same thing happened today. The same thing is going to happen tomorrow, and tomorrow, and in one week, after one month, after one year…

You’re hoping that your little one “will outgrow it” eventually and all these struggles are going to end soon but this day never comes. It just keeps getting worse.

You’re trying out all different ways to put your child to sleep. You’re questioning every single parent about it. Google becomes your best friend but nothing seems really working.

 You’re feeling exhausted from not being able to have a good night’s sleep for such a long time. You don’t even remember when it was the last time you had a chance to wake up well-rested in the morning.

A good night’s sleep feels like a magic dream to you right now…

You’re feeling depressed for not finding a minute for yourself and for your spouse, and you feel like all your relationships are falling apart because you are always sleepy and tired.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

 Imagine if you finally had your baby’s sleep problems fixed and he started sleeping all night long just as you dreamed about.

 You would wake up in the morning feeling happy and well-rested looking forward to starting your day and having fun with your little one.

You would enjoy being the parent you always wished to be. No more blaming yourself that you are doing something wrong.

You would feel energetic to have a real quality time filled with laughing and playing with your child during the day.

You would feel confident and stress-free as you will know how to put your baby to sleep easily without trying for hours. You would know what you have to avoid so your little one continues sleeping well in the future. You would also be better prepared to deal with any future challenges.

You would have time for yourself and you could use it in any way you wish.

You would have time for your spouse so both of you could bond again and let your relationship grow.

You would have time for your family, relatives, and friends so you could be social again.

You would become more productive in your work and even at home because you would be well-rested.

Your little one would wake up smiling and looking well-rested every day.

He would be less fussy because he would be finally getting the rest that he requires-uninterrupted night sleep.

He would also be healthier and would have less chances to get sick because his immune system would become stronger.

Your well-rested baby could even become smarter and would be looking forward to learning and discovering new things.

In a very short time, Ilyana now naps on her own without any problems and sleeps twelve hours a night.  The results exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much, Ausra.  We highly recommend you!” 

Souad & David, Parents of Ilyana, 1-Year Old (Tunisia & Canada)  Canada

Thanks to you I got my sleep back!  Thanks to you, my husband got his sleep back and my daughter is finally sleeping through the night! Contacting Ausra was the best choice I have made!

Liveta Cepiene, Lithuania



Let me help you end your struggles!

I am a pediatric sleep consultant who helps children of parents like you to sleep well using gentle ways. With me you’ll learn why your child keeps waking up and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to solve this so your child can sleep through the night. You’ll also have my guidance and support through every step to make sure that you reach your goals. When we’re done, your dreams will come true. Your child will be sleeping through the night and you will be able to get your sleep and your life back too.

After completing “Sleep Well Toddler ” you’ll


  • Have a step-by-step process for getting your baby to fall asleep easily every night so you can finally wake up well-rested and happy each morning.
  • See your child well-rested after a good-night’s sleep, so you will be able to spend quality time with him during the day and love being a parent.
  • Know the mistakes you have to avoid so your child can continue sleeping well in the future.
  • Have more free time so you can spend time for yourself and have a chance to connect with your spouse and your family. 
  • Be more confident about yourself as a parent so you will be able to deal with challenges in the future easier. 

إن الذين كان مستحيلاً اصبح واقعاً اعيشه تغيرات جذرية في نوم ابني حصلت خلال أيام قليلة. حيث وصلت إلى حد الإكتئاب بسبب معاناة قلة النوم. وكان كثيراً ما يعاني من الانتفاخات بسبب الرضاعه المستمرة طوال الليل، وكنت لا استطيع النوم بسبب رضاعته المستمره، وكان كثير البكاء. وبعد التدريب بأيام قليله ، قل بكاءه تحسن سلوكه ومزاجه تحسنت رغبته للطعام، أصبح طفل آخر أصبح اكثر سعادة و أكثر نشاط.وتميزت أوسرا في حرصها على الفائدة وتحقيق الهدف من التدريب، تبقى على تواصل دائم ودقيقه جداً في معلوماتها. تجد الإحترافيه والجودة في التعامل عندها، وستعلمين ان المبلغ المدفوع للتدريب هو لا شي مقابل الفائدة التي تسحصلين عليها.

Alanoud Alabdouli, United Arab Emirates

أريد أن أشكر المدربة أوسرا على جهودها الكبيرة لتدريب ابنتي على النوم المتواصل، حقيقة في بداية الأمر لم أكن موافقا على الاستعانه بمدربة نوم لابنتي على الرغم من المعاناة الشديدة التي كنا نعاني منها وذلك لكون ابنتي تستيقظ في الليل من ثلاث الى خمس مرات مما تسبب في ارهاق شديد لي ولزوجتي كوننا نعمل ونستيقظ في الصباح الباكر.. بالاضافة الى كون مزاج ابنتي طوال النهار سيء بسبب قلة النوم ليلا.. الا انني لم اكن مقتنعا ان احدا سيستطيع مساعدتنا لحل هذه المشكلة لانني كنت على يقين ان سلوكيات الاطفال في النوم لا تتغير .. الا انه وبعد فترة وبسبب الارهاق الشديد من قلة النوم وافقت على طلب زوجتي لطلب المساعدة من اوسرا ولم اكن مقتنعا انها ستستطيع فعلا مساعدتنا.. ولكن مجرد مجازفة.. الا انني تفاجأت من التغيير في طفلتي من ثالث ليلة وقلت عدد مرات استيقاظها ليلا .. والآن وبعدالانتهاء من التدريب ومرور ثلاث اسابيع طفلتي تنام ليلا براحة اكبر وبشكل متواصل الحمدلله .. وكل هذا بفضل الله اولا ومن ثم المدربة اوسرا التي أثرتنا بمعلومات جديدة عن سلوكيات الطفل للنوم.. بالاضافة الى الدعم والمساندة طوال اليوم والتعليمات المستمرة اولا بأول لزوجتي  مما اسهم في نجاح المهمه .. أنصح جميع الآباء الذين يواجهون اطفالهم مشاكل في النوم بطلب المساعدة والتأكد ان لكل مشكله حل ..

Ali Alhammadi, United Arab Emirates



The Journey to “Sleep Well Toddler” includes:

Let’s Start Questionnaire

You’ll answer some questions about your baby’s current sleeping habits, sleeping environment and sleep problems. This questionnaire will help us get clear on what is happening with your little one’s sleep and what seems to be the real problem. With a firm foundation we’ll be able to develop an effective action plan to solve your child’s sleep issues.

Sleep Safely Assessment

You’ll share some pictures and videos of your baby’s nursery which will allow me to investigate how safe his sleep environment is. This assessment will help us to make sure that your little one’s sleep environment is safe  and suitable for him in order to have a great sleep.

Sleep Well Sleep Plan

You’ll receive a step-by step action sleep plan which will show you:

  • the reasons your child is having sleep problems,
  • the detailed steps you have to take to solve your child’s sleep problems,
  • best schedule for your child to promote great sleep.
  • the most suitable sleep routines for your baby to establish a healthy sleep foundation.

This sleep plan will teach you everything you have to know and do in order to see your little one sleeping through the night. We will not be using “ cry it out method”, instead we will be using other gentle approaches to solve your baby’s  sleeping problems.

Visualize Success Support Material

A sleep log document will show the progress of our results so we succeed even faster. This powerful tool will allow us to see our achieved progress clearly and will help us to understand where we can still improve or make changes. 

Make Your Baby Sleep Private Coaching Session

This 90-minutes virtual coaching session will help you understand the whole process clearly and will teach you what to do in every step including tricky situations. We will discuss your baby’s sleep plan and all the steps that you can take in order to see him sleeping through the night. After this session you will feel confident and strong to reach your goals.

Work Together Bedtime Assistance

You’ll be able to communicate with me during the bedtime directly through What’s App messages for the first three-days of the program. You’ll feel guided and reassured until your baby has slept. This will boost your strength and confidence to do everything right from day one and see the results you want even faster. 

Be Guided to Succeed Assistance

You’ll have four follow-up calls with me during one week of the program so we can communicate together and you can feel supported at all times. These coaching sessions will be reminding you what you have to do in every situation. This will make the whole process for you easier to handle, and will continuously guide you making sure you are going to reach your goals. 

Succeed with Future Sleep 

Once your baby will start sleeping well, you’ll want him to continue sleeping well. This is why you’ll also receive support material at the end of the program to maintain your baby’s great sleep in the future. You’ll get tips how to deal with:

  • future sleep schedules,
  • teething and sleeping
  • traveling and sleeping
  • sickness and sleeping

Yes, we can end all of this!

You can finally see your little one sleeping through the night and have time for your sleep too!

I can help you make this happen!

Say “Yes” to your child’s great sleep and start your journey!

Are you interested in working with me?

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Step 2. At the scheduled time of your 15-minutes consultation, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit. 

Step 3. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need. 

Have questions?

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UAE Toddler Sleep Consultant

UAE Toddler Sleep Consulting

I can’t recommend Ausra highly enough. She is very knowledgeable & experienced and incredibly easy to work with. With her guidance and great support, we have achieved positive results within 2 days!

Dainora Al Nakeeb, Lithuania

Ausra brought joy back to my life! Her sleep training program is excellent and it does work! I strongly recommend Ausra’s expertise to any struggling parents. Her program is worth every penny spent!”

Dr. Marwa Elsayed, United Kingdom

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