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You’re finally a parent having a beautiful child. You’re trying to do your best to give him everything he needs. But it’s getting harder and harder to put him to sleep.

Every nigh feels like one year to you. You keep trying different things but you can’t find the right sleep-formula for your little one.

You’re feeling tired, angry and the lack of your own sleep starts affecting you and your life.
You can’t wake up in the morning. You’re late to work. You’re fighting with your spouse. You don’t even have the energy to play with your little one and have fun.

I’ve been you, and I can help you!

Ausra Cirkelyte


Pediatric Sleep Consultant in the UAE

UAE Sleep Consultant



I am a pediatric sleep consultant. I coach parents of young children who are struggling to sleep through the night. I help tired, depressed, lost and frustrated parents by creating a step-by-step action plan and guide them through it, so their children’s sleep problems can be solved. Once children master new sleep skills and can sleep well unassisted, parents can get their sleep and life back too.




My story


Before my son was born, I have always imagined that the best thing that a baby can do is – SLEEP. I would have never believed that babies can have sleep problems, and that even baby sleep experts exist.

When my son was born that picture completely changed. Hamdan was sleeping only while being held in my arms.

I was trying for hours to put him to sleep then waited for him to go into deep sleep. I was walking through the room and I was scared to hear any slightest sound. I kept trying to put my sleeping beauty again and again to his crib hundreds of times but as soon as his body touched the mattress he was awake again.

I continued trying but he was not sleeping for months.

I was so tired, sad and frustrated. I started to blame myself for not being able to find the reason why he couldn’t sleep well. I was blaming myself for not being a good parent.

The world looked grey to me as I became so sleep deprived and couldn’t function properly anymore.

I was looking for help from other moms and the answers I was receiving back were: “ welcome to parenthood”, “ you are not going to sleep again”, “ that’s the price of being a parent”.

My heart sank.

I was shocked, lost and confused as I couldn’t believe that I have to be that parent I don’t want to be.

I couldn’t believe that it was fair for my son to see sad and tired mommy every day.

All I really wanted was to be there for him with my full energy and strength, so I could give him everything he needed.

I wanted to play, have fun with him and giggle together. I wanted to create those magical moments to remember.

And so, I decided that I have to make that change to be the parent that my son deserves to have and to be the parent that I want to be.

So, I had to find the solution.

I first became a “Google detective’’ when I was trying to find answers about my son’s sleep. I got lots of general information which was often confusing and not even helping. I tried applying those suggested techniques but nothing worked. My son continued waking up every hour at night.

I continued my search and decided to seek the help of the specialist. And this is how I discovered that strange term “ a Pediatric Sleep Consultant” when it appeared in a Google search.

This was the first time I heard about this job role. Once I clicked on the link provided and started reading, I knew that I came to the right place. I knew that it was what I needed. I was tired of experimenting without having clear answers.

I needed someone to understand me, and to find the reasons why my son was not sleeping. I needed someone to tell me what I should do and why. I needed someone to tell me “ Yes, go ahead” or “ no” when I was wrong.

I needed to have certainty about my child’s sleep. I couldn’t continue having the word “maybe” a thousand times on my mind every day.

And so, I took this step, the step which has transformed my life and all my family’s life to better. I hired a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and started following her program.

I have to admit, I was skeptical at the beginning. I was afraid of doing things I have never done before. I was afraid to keep telling my husband that this program will really work. I was afraid that I would have to leave my crying son and walk away. The feelings of guiltiness were destroying me.

However, I am grateful that I found a specialist who used gentle ways to solve children’s sleep problems.

I didn’t need to leave my son. I could stay next to him until he had slept.

Even though I didn’t feel comfortable hearing my baby crying, and for the moment I even thought “ hold on, I can’t do this!”


But then I started questioning myself and I asked,” what is the problem that I want to solve? The answer was – MY SON’S SLEEP. Why can’t I do it? The answer was because of HOW I FEEL – and that was my emotion.

So, what I discovered was I want to solve my son’s sleeping problem but I can’t do it because I feel bad about it. This was the time that I had to understand “ I am not doing this for me but I am doing this for my son”. So, I had to sacrifice myself and hold my emotions to help my son to sleep well, because this was what he needed.

I am so glad I took this step and I never regret it. My son was sleeping through the night within five days. This was a big miracle to me. I remember even missing him at night but he was not waking up until the morning. He was waking up happy, looking well-rested, was active and smiling throughout the day. I started getting my sleep back within a few days too.

And I have to say, it feels amazing to wake up in the morning and see my son waking up happy after a good-night’s sleep. It’s a great feeling to see him going into his crib smiling and mentally being ready for sleep. It also feels great to have a coffee break or a break with a book while my son is napping. It is great to have my evenings again. I can watch a movie on the couch while my son is sleeping peacefully.

It feels great to be well-rested because I can be there for him and give him everything he needs. It feels great to be the parent that I always wanted to be.

This positive transformation in my life has inspired me to go and help other parents struggling with the same problems. So, I decided to follow this path and became a passionate Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.


I am grateful for having this opportunity to meet lots of great parents who sacrifice themselves to give the best for their children. I am grateful for being able to help these parents and transform their family’s life.

Parents are there to help their children, and I am there to help these parents to make sure their children have everything they need. I love what I do, and I am thankful for having this opportunity to help others and provide them with a gift of great Sleep.

If you can relate yourself with my story, I would encourage you to download my “ Six Steps to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night” below.

You can also BOOK A 15 MIN FREE PHONE CONSULTATION WITH ME  where we can talk about your child’s sleep issues and discuss about the best solution for your family.


I would love to hear from you! You can send me an email at: ausra@kingofsleep.net

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