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UAE Baby Sleep Consultant

0 to 2 Months


Newborn packages will provide you the best techniques to guide your little one towards healthy sleep habits from the very start. These packages will help you to switch your newborn’s internal clock from night to day, will teach the best schedules and routines and will help to create a safe sleep environment.

NewBorn Starter Package

3 to 12 Months


Baby packages include silver, gold and diamond services featuring unique support. These packages will help you to resolve any sleep-related problems like sleep associations, frequent night waking, poor napping, early rising by teaching your baby self-soothing skills which are necessary for his or her sleep.

Infant Silver Package
Infant Gold Package
Infant Diamond Package

13 to 36 Months


Toddler packages include silver, gold and diamond services featuring unique support. These packages will help you to resolve sleep associations, nap and night time battles, frequent waking, night time visits, early rising by providing you best tools.

Toddler Silver Package
Toddler Gold Package
Toddler Diamond Package

3 Years & Above


Children packages will teach your children about importance of healthy and restorative sleep and will guide them towards healthy sleep habits. These packages will help you to resolve night time battles, night time visits and any other sleep-related issues by providing you best techniques and suggestions.

Preschooler Silver Package

Various Ages

Additional Support!

Additional support includes some added services like One Evening Message Support, Call Support and Additional Week of Email Support with your baby sleep trainer in the UAE.

Message Support
E-Mail Support
Support Call
Add-on Support
Initial Consultation in Medical Center
Additional Week of Phone Support
Additional Home Consultation

Consultation For


Twin packages offer great opportunities for your both children at the same time.  Professional services feature unique support for newborns, babies and toddlers by providing silver, gold and diamond packages.

Twins Newborn Starter Package
Twins Infant Silver Package
Twins Infant Gold Package
Twins Infant Diamond Package
Twins Toddler Silver Package
Twins Toddler Gold Package
Twins Toddler Diamond Package

0 to 5 Years

Special Needs Children!

These packages will help children with special needs to overcome and resolve sleep-related issues, such as bedtime battles, frequent waking, night-time visits, early rising.

Bronze Package

Baby Sleep Consultant in the UAE