Ausra Cirkelyte 

CEO & Founder

UAE Pediatric Sleep Consultant



If you are the parent of a baby or a child who can’t sleep through
the night and you don’t know what to do about it – you
came to the right place!

My name is Ausra Cirkelyte. I am a pediatric sleep consultant and I coach parents of young children who are struggling to sleep through the night. I help tired, depressed, lost and frustrated parents by creating a step-by step action plan and guide them through it so their children sleep problems can be solved. Once children master new sleep skills and can sleep well unassisted, parents can get their sleep and life back too.

I use quick and gentle sleep solutions which have already helped more than 100 000 parents like you.

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  • Child Sleep Consultant in the UAE
  • UAE Pediatric Sleep Consultant
  • Pediatric Sleep Consultant in the UAE

Download Free Guide

‟The Six Steps to help your Baby Sleep Through the Night”

    Your Baby, Toddler or Child is not Sleeping Well? Your Child Sleep Consultant in the UAE Can Change That!

    As every child is so special, I customize behavioral techniques to meet your family’s
    needs and your child’s temperament.

    Professional Expertise

    Pediatric sleep expertise based on my training as a certified pediatric sleep consultant.

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    Child Care

    Comprehensive Assessment

    A thorough assessment of your child’s sleep problem, habits and routines..

    Customized Sleep Plan

    Easy to follow, step-by-step sleep plan for your child which will solve sleeping issues.

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    additional support

    Follow-up Support

    A follow-up with me to ensure sleep success. Follow up methods are via Phone, and Emails.

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