UAE Babies Need Sleep Sacks to Sleep Better

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If you are a parent of a young child, and you try to find the answer to how to make your baby sleep better, I have got something to share with you.

It’s not always about how your baby falls asleep.

Sleep is more complicated than that.

Safe Sleep Environment for Your Baby

Why is My Child Fighting Sleep?

Firstly, in order to have your infant sleeping well, the sleep environment has to be right.

Your baby needs to have a safe place dedicated only for sleep – the crib which is specifically designed for this reason.

However, when it comes to putting the baby in the crib, a safe sleep environment still has to be maintained. It’s not enough only to put your little one in the crib, and believe that she is safe.

Did you ever think about which items can be placed inside that crib? Why is My Child Fighting Sleep?

Being UAE Pediatric Sleep Consultant and working with families of the UAE and Gulf Region, the most common scary thing that I get to see is babies having pillows and blankets inside their cribs.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics safety guidelines to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrom), all loose objects have to be outside the cribs. That includes pillows, blankets, crib bumpers, and even toys.

One soft toy specifically designed for sleep – lovie – can be in the crib once the infant is one year old. However, when it comes to the use of blankets and pillows, these should be outside the cribs until the age of 2-years-old.

So, if your baby is using blankets or pillows and is under the age of two years, I strongly advise removing them and introducing a sleep sack instead.

UAE babies need sleep sacks to sleep better.

The Benefits of Sleep Sacks

Why is My Child Fighting Sleep?

Sleep sacks are specially designed for infants and young children in order to be safe, comfortable, and warm once they are in their cribs.

Sleep sack ensures that the baby is safe in the crib while blankets create the risk of suffocation. In fact, recent statistics show that 69% of the suffocation cases in cribs are caused by blankets, pillows, and crib bumpers.

I am sure as a parent you want to ensure that your baby is safe in her crib. So, do so, and allow her to use a sleep sack.

When we talk about safety, you will probably think: “My baby is above the age of 1 year, so she is safe”. You may think that it’s ok to use blankets, pillows, and crib bumpers for this age but the answer is still the same: “Don’t do that!”

Young children of this age usually try to use these items to climb out from their cribs and end up falling out and getting hurt. So, I still do not suggest allowing your 1-year-old to use blanket, pillow, and crib bumpers in the crib.

Sleep sack actually helps parents to keep their infants inside cribs because sleep sack makes it very difficult for baby climbers to leave their cribs. Sleep sack prevents them from lifting legs fully.

In addition, infants wearing sleep sacks sleep much better as they are free to rotate around their cribs and find their most comfortable sleep position.

Even when it comes to temperature regulation, sleep sack ensures that children sleep at the right temperatures. No more kicked-off blankets, no more worrying that your baby will feel cold during the night

So, as a Pediatric Sleep Coach, I strongly suggest that parents of young children make sure their baby’s sleep environment is safe and free of unnecessary items.

No pillows, blankets, or crib bumpers should be placed in infants’ cribs!

UAE babies should use sleep sacks to sleep better and make sure they are safe, cozy, and warm.

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